Good Morning from Cyprus!

Hope you’re awake today because the sun is finally shining in Cyprus–well at least where we are in Paphos. Enjoy!

Καλημέρα από την Κύπρο.

Kali means good.  Greeks use this word in a lot of their greetings.

Καλημέρα από την Κύπρο.

Mera means “day”–so Kalimera literally means “good day” but the Greeks use it for “Good Morning.”

Καλημέρα από την Κύπρο.

You want to give emphasis on the syllable ME–almost like the month of May but quick.  As Americans, we tend to draw out the vowels-especially if you are from the South.  Sometimes we draw the vowels out so much that they change into another vowel.  We call that a diphthong.  Well let me tell you, there are NO diphthongs in Greek. Greeks say their vowels quickly but sharply.  So you say the letter A but not Ayeeeeee.  A! It’s almost an “e” sound.  Look guys, it’s not use writing about it.  You have to hear it from a native over and over again.  So go and have fun.   Remember, pronunciation is not taught, it’s caught.  What does that mean?  It means that most people don’t really “learn” pronunciation–they eventually “get it” subconsciously by being exposed to the language.  That’s why listening even when you can’t understand is a good idea.  You are developing your Greek ear.

Καλημέρα από την Κύπρο.

From is a-PO.  Put the emphasis on the PO and Greek speakers will understand you more easily.

Καλημέρα από την Κύπρο.

The literally translation is Good-morning or Good-day from the Cyprus.

For Cyprus, you translate “the” as “tin” (teen for the Americans).

Greeks love to use the definite articles in places that we aren’t use to; so get used to it and it will help you in your progress in learning Greek.



Καλημέρα από την Κύπρο.

Also notice Cyprus loses the S because it’s not the subject of the sentence.

So it’s just Cypro.

You might notice signs around town with κυπρο … that’s Cypro  Κύπρο

So now you know. Say Kali-mera to any Cypriot passing by. You’re talking!