Woody Allen begins with a Gamma

Γ γ Gamma



You think you are doing okay learning the Greek alphabet, and then you get into this semi-sleep world between knowing the alphabet and knowing how to read.  In your dreams comes the Gamma nightmare.  If you studied Ancient Greek or Koine Greek, you are more confused.  “Isn’t it like the G in English?” you cry out.  No, it’s like a Y, or a W or an R, depending what course you are taking.  The Gamma slips in and out of your grasp.  Well let Woody Allen help you in the meantime.  We have these Greek Morphs that work as training wheels.  See how the Greeks use the Gamma to spell Woody’s name.  It gives you some idea.  But remember: pronunciation is not taught; it’s caught.  You get it by listening and listening and talking and talking.  In the meantime, even if you can’t pronounce the Gamma correctly, most of the time, Greeks will be able to understand you.  There’s more to say about the Gamma, but not right now.   Just keep on talking..in Greek.  You can talk to Woody.




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