When God sighs, it’s windy for us.

When God sighs in Paphos, Cyprus, it’s windy for us!  Well, that’s one way to help you to remember the Greek word for windy.  Now to help you learn some Greek that will be useful to you.  This blog gives you enough ammunition to try it out on some Cypriots.  They will be happy to refine your pronunciation.  But remember, the most important thing in learning a new language is to communicate.  Don’t worry if you can’t get the elocution perfect–that comes with time and practice.  Just keep talking.  Don’t get self-conscious.  You have to be like a little kid.  I know; it’s a bit humbling.  But those are the kind of people that end up being able to speak–the kind that don’t care if they make fools of themselves.  It’s all in the attitude.  Have fun with it.  Some Cypriots will really try to help while others are busy, tired, etc.  Just keep talking.  You are bound to find a helpful waitress, a shopkeeper, or a neighbor who will be patient with you.

Φυσάει  Φυ-σάει  fee-SIGH  —- windy

Notice that you don’t need the “It is.”  You can just say fee-SIGH!

When we make a sentence, we don’t need the “It” at the beginning of the sentence.  It’s implied in the verb E-nay  or “is.”  Remember to say E-nay like E-mail.

You say “steen” for in.

And because Paphos is not the subject of the sentence, it loses its σ or “s.”

windy fee sigh


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