Theft-terah. The day we come back to earth

mondayHope you all have a great weekend. Here in Cyprus, we experienced lovely weather. Remember how I said that in Cyprus, the first day of the week is Sunday, Kyria-Key, the Lord’s day. Well, then Monday is the second day of the week. You might be able to make out in Greek that the word looks like duet. I remember the Greek word for Monday with a little memory word–theft. Monday steals the weekend and brings us back to terra firma or back to earth. THEF-tera. And Vasili here will go back fishing today. Unfortunately, there isn’t as much fishing as there once was in Cyprus as there just are not that many fish anymore. But Vasili does the best he can. In English, his name would be Basil. Remember the B is changed to a V in Modern Greek.


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